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Future Vision for Servant Care International

As we move forward with our ministry, we have many thoughts for the future of SCI. Along with Novella Retreats and Field Visits, we are also interested in purchasing another facility for additional missionary housing. At this point it is in the prayer process. We are currently in the northeast part of Wisconsin. We would like to have a second location in the southern part of Wisconsin. Often times we have missionaries traveling up from Illinois that are in need of housing. This is a three and a half to four hour drive for them. We ask that you would join us in prayer about this need. Also if you know of a multi-family facility or an old camp that is available, please contact us. As God provides, we would like to see more housing facilities rise up in other parts of Wisconsin, other states in the U.S. and perhaps one day internationally.


Host Couples

Another future goal of SCI is to bring on other staff. As the Lord provides additional housing, we will need “Host couples” to live at each facility. What we will be looking for are people with missionary experience that have shepherds’ hearts for God’s global servants. They will need to be caretakers of the facility (this would require a handyman) in which they will live. They will need to clean and maintain the apartments as missionaries come and go. They will also be responsible for the grounds. Hospitality gifts are also extremely important as well as listening skills. As a ministry, we also will encourage our host couples to continue with their international ministry as well while living in the States. This may include multiple trips to their country of service as well as Skyping and interacting with them over email. This will give the host couple the opportunity to “keep their hands” in missions. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please contact us.

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