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Sonshine Apartments Missionary Housing

Sonshine Apartments exists to provide a place for God’s global servants who need a place to call home while in the States on home assignment (furlough) or during times of transition. This beautiful building God has provided includes one 4-bedroom, two 3-bedroom, two 2-bedroom, and three 1-bedroom, fully furnished apartments. Internet and laundry facilities are included. These apartments are available to rent from two weeks to approximately one year, depending on availability. The rent is subsidized by local churches partnering with Servant Care International.


Each apartment is set up so that the families or individuals can walk in with their suitcases and find a home away from home in which to rest and regroup.  


If you have questions about Sonshine Apartments, please contact Connie Humski at (920) 727-0000

or by email at



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